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Our equipment

Demand only the best for your training.

We’ve scoured the globe to source the best gym equipment there is, and brought it all together under one roof. Check out our range of cutting edge gym equipment and see how CREWFIT can help you build the best you.

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International chest day never felt so good.

We know how important building an alpha chest is. We’ve got the best push day equipment you’ll find, anywhere, peroid. Our personal favourites – the Arsenal Strength Reloaded incline, flat and shoulder press feature multiple knurled grip options for exercise variability. The adjustable seat height and gas assisted range limiters help users find the best position to perform the exercise. This means you can hit every angle, and drill down on the areas you want to target.

Throw into the mix our shoulder press and chest press by Prime Fitness with their fully adjustable resistance cams and we guarantee DOMs that hurt so good you’ll keep coming back for more.

Every day is arm day.

Arm pump lovers rejoice. We’ve got you covered. All the usual suspects to build big arms, plus some unique surprises. Our favourite has to be the Prime Fitness USA arm curl machine allows you to adjust the resistance curve so you can target the weaker parts of your arms. Throw in some Australian Barbell Co. dumbbells, Rogue USA cable machines with a wide range of premium extensions and you’ll be busting your sleeves in no time.

Never skip leg day again.

We know it gets a bad rap, but leg day at CREWFIT is something else – you’ll actually look forward to it, we promise.

Build that booty, grow monster quads, possibly get slightly bigger calves. We’ve got an unmatched selection of leg equipment, including one of only a few Rogue Pit Shark belted squats in Australia.

Our lower body equipment includes:

  • Deadlifting platforms with custom rack system

Arsenal Strength

  • Power Squat
  • Hack Squat
  • Leg Press
  • Glute Isolator
  • Glute Bridge

Prime Fitness USA

  • Leg Press – Plate loaded
  • Prone Leg Curl hybrid
  • Leg Extension hybrid
  • Multi Hip hybrid
  • Inner/Outer Thigh hybrid

Rogue USA

  • Rogue Donkey
  • Pit Shark Belted Squat
  • Rogue squat racks with trolley arms

Baby got back.

And we don’t mean glutes.

Nothing like a back pump so big you can’t get take your own shirt off. We’ve got a range of equipment to build lats that will let you fly. A strong back is a strong foundation. Some of our favourite equipment at CREWFIT is for building an incredible back. We’ve got:

Arsenal Strength

  • T Bar Row
  • Reloaded Iso Low Row

Prime Fitness USA

  • Pec/Rear Fly hybrid
  • Lat pull down hybrid
  • Seated row hybrid

Rogue USA

  • Rogue Donkey

As well as:

  • Custom deadlifting platform with toaster rack and easy load bar.
  • Wide range of attachments, including Rogue fat grips and multi grip pull down bar.